Audit, diagnostic
Organisation Consulting
Management Consulting

Our consulting services allow you to localize and evaluate the performance and operation of your business and your teams in an increasingly competitive and regulated context.

We help you define all the required areas of improvement within a tailored timeframe for implementation. Our consultants master the methodologies and diagnostics and efficiently perform audits. They help you improve your performances, answering  precisely to your main issues and provide realistic, pragmatic and relevant recommendations.

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  • Diagnostic ISO 9001:2000, quality management
  • Diagnostic and action plan of an airline
  • Capitalistic solutions to secure a seat offer
  • Feasibility study of a new long-haul airline start-up
  • Study and Improvement of a Final Assembly Line
Project Management
Quality Improvements
Change Management

Whether to support technological progress, regulation changes, establishment of quality system certification, creation, development of subsidiaries or conduct the change in your company, we provide you project management services allowing you to achieve your ambitions.

Our project managers with high capacity for initiative are used to work in complex situations and are able to pool resources towards a common goal.

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  • Support to the phase-in of new aircraft
  • IOSA partnership in Africa and Indian Ocean
  • Support to the technical desk of an airline
  • Engineering and logistics structures setup
  • Improvement of the Cabin Crew activity
Transition management
Crisis management
Skills transfer

Especially useful during companies’ fast evolution phases, our transition service aims to support you during this period by providing support management, usually at an executive level, in one or more departments of your company.

The manager is responsible for his department but also for undertaking the goals previously defined with the top management. The transition service is always delivered with a skills transfer to the future manager.

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  • Transition management continuity
  • Transition management
  • New Director coaching and accompaniment
Profil identification
Recruitment assistance
Managers qualifications

Through its support in recruitment of staff, executives, managers, AIM Satis provides key assistance to companies facing challenges such as quick changes of trends in air transport market.

Identify and bring to you the appropriate human resources and skills are competences that we particularly master.
We provide you with profiles meeting your expectations by approving all their professional goals and evolution.

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  • Executives and high profiles recruitment